17 Stunning Wisteria Hair Colors

Wisteria is a hair dye color by Directions.

If you’re looking for a hair color that is long-lasting and gorgeous, then wisteria could be the hair color for you. Wisteria hair color will give your locks a deep purple hue that lasts longer than other colors. This article gives great tips on how to achieve the best results with wisteria, so keep reading! 

This hair dye has blue, light purple, and gray colors.

Wisteria hair color is generally preferred by white-skinned women. This hair color is more suitable for women who have hot sub-tone.

However, I think that wisteria hair dye will be very suitable for dark-skinned women.

Generally, women between the ages of 20 and 40 prefer this hair color. Remember that this hair dye can make you look older than you are because there are gray shades in it.

You can get this hair dye at home by coloring it yourself. However, your hair color should be brown- ash brown in color. If a woman with blonde hair goes to the hairdresser before using this hair dye, she can get a better color. (requires a professional hairdresser)

Wisteria hair dye provides long-lasting color. You can get very nice hair colors by mixing it with different hair dyes.

In the photos below, you can see the hair colors obtained by Directions Wisteria hair dye. These photos were taken from Instagram.

Wisteria Hair Color Dye

Wisteria Hair Color Dye Price: £4.50

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