What is Hair Polish and How to Apply?

There is a wide range of colors and textures to choose from when it comes to hair polish. It’s important that you do your research before choosing which one would work best for your needs. There are also different methods for applying polish, such as using a cream or powder. The last step is making sure that the color has been applied evenly, so you don’t end up with streaks. 

Is hair polish safe?

es, hair polishing is extremely safe.

Hair polishing uses an organic starch or wool wax to polish the hair with a soft cloth. This process removes any styling products that have accumulated on your hair over time and restores its natural healthiness. The sealing oil provides moisture for great shine and locks in the effects of the conditioner applied before you shampoo, use a nourishing mask or enter into an intensive conditioning program.

Hair polishing is a technique that is commonly used by hairdressers to fix the matte hair color and paleness. It is possible to do it at home by mixing hair dye with warm water (without oxidation) and applying directly to the hair.

It is the application of water instead of an oxidant in the hair dye process (in some cases oxidant and conditioner can be used). The texture of the hair polish should be liquid. 

It doesn’t harmful for hair since it doesn’t contain oxidants, and can be applied for short periods.

When You Should Use Hair Polish?

When your hair dye fades

For the color differences after dying your hair.

When your hair turns brassy

When your hair lost its brightness or gets matte after dying.

If your hair is ombre and you didn’t like the result you can use it to conceal color transition.

If you have colorful hair you can use it to make it brighter.

Concealing the orange transition shade when you’re bleaching your hair to get platinum blonde.

When the shade is too bright after getting a highlight or balayage.

To keep your hair color healthy and long-lasting, especially red, copper hair dye fades so quickly, you can use hair polish.

It applies the same for extreme colors such as purple, green, orange, etc. 

After the hair polish, the color on the hair base is equalized or gets close to it.

Hair Polish Recpies

I’ll give you four hair polish recipes, you can use the one that fits your hair condition the best.

Water Based

Hair dye (Quarter tube for short hair/Half tube for medium length hair/full tube for long hair)

3-4 teaspoons of warm water

Dye container, brush and bonnet

Hair Cream Mixture

This hair polish is especially applied to dull,fragile hair

Hair dye

4-5 Tablespoons warm water

Olaplex Conditioner No5

Hair Polish with Oil

It can also be used for damaged hair, but it will not be as effective as conditioner.

Hair dye

Coconut oil ( It must be high quality solid as butter)

5-7 Tablespoons warm water

Things to Consider When Making Hair Polish with Oxidant

The oxidant is an active substance that weakens hair and lightens hair color (peroxide). Therefore, you need to determine why you should use the oxidant when polishing.

Reasons for using oxidant in hair polish:

If your hair is darker than the color you want

When you want to change the color from brown to black.

When you want to change the color dark brown to light brown.


    1. Hello there; it is extremely safe. It does not burn or damage your hair. You must apply the right techniques.

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