The Best 15 Tulip Hair Color

This hair color, which takes the color of tulip flower; It is a mixture of purple and red hair color. Burgundy is closer to hair color but more red and light in color.

You can get this hair color using hair dyes like directions, manic panic. The price for 2019 is £ 4.5 directions.

You can also get different hair colors by using this hair dye. Tulip hair dye is often mixed with pink hair dyes.

All hair colors in this subject are the hair colors obtained by using Tulip hair dye (which belongs to most directions hair dye brand).

This hair dye flows just like any other red hair dye. It does not stay permanently on the hair for a long time. I also suggest you take care when you dye your hair at home. Especially this hair dye can sink around.

This hair dye is generally used by young girls between the ages of 16-30.

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