The 12 Best Fire Hair Color

Those who choose orange for hair color can choose fire hair color as a different alternative. One of the 36 different hair dyes of the Directions hair dye brand, this hair color is one of the hottest hair colors.

If you’re looking for an exciting new hair color to brighten up your winter, then red is the one. Fire-red hair can be just as daring and bold as other colors, but it also has a touch of class that makes it perfect for any occasion. You’ll find that there are many different shades of fire-red that range from orangey to deep cherry-reds.

Some people even mix in blonde highlights or lowlights to achieve a unique look all their own! If you want your hair color to stand out this winter, go ahead and light up with fire!

Fire Hair Color

Fire Hair Color and Skin Color – Who Should Use It?

Fire hair color, which is a mixture of orange and red colors, is a very warm color. Ideal for those with white skin color. Those with cold skin and a notary skin undertone can also use this hair color.

Orange hair dyes disappear very quickly. For this reason, you may need to paint continuously to make sure it is permanent. Directions semi-permanent hair dyes can remain on your hair permanently for approximately 40 days.

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