How To Be A Single Color than Ombre Hair?

In this article we will examine How To Be A Single Color than Ombre Hair?
Sometimes there are two or more colors in ombre hair colors and it does not look nice in unsuccessful applications, sometimes we cannot get used to it. And we want to change my hair color to single color again.

Single Color than Ombre

Single Color than Ombre Hair Application at Home

  • First we collect the hair and apply to the roots. We lighten these paints with a little oxidant so that it doesn’t stay dark. Let’s pay attention to the way the hair is collected. It is important that all areas of the bottoms are applied equally.
  • We prepare the mixture again. This paint is a little lighter (we can say dark yellow). Olaplex Hair Lightener is a paint used by professional hairdressers. You may not find it everywhere. But I think you can buy it from Hairdressers.
  • We open certain parts of the hair. Palette Intense Color Lightener again prepared for professional applications. Many hairdressers use these products abroad.
  • If you pay attention to the ends of the hair, you will see very light greens and blue tones. Dyes that are added by Touching a very small amount (and in some small places) on top of the hair after it has been tidied to achieve those tones. Of course, you may not want this.

Things to pay attention for To Be A Single Color than Ombre Hair

If you are not very experienced, have this application done by a hairdresser you trust.

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