Silver Hair Color

Silver hair color is a very ambitious hair color. Generally, women between the ages of 20-30 prefer this hair color.

Who Should Choose Silver Hair Color

Silver hair color does not suit every woman. In women with a warm skin tone, this hair color looks beautiful. Women with dark skin can also use this hair color.

White skinned women with cold skin tone should not prefer silver hair color. Because it makes you look older. It also makes you look more pale.

Silver Dye

Silver hair color can be obtained with many different hair dyes. You can get silver hair color with many hair dye brands. The hair dyes used in the photographs in this subject were obtained with “directions silver” hair dye. These silver hair colors photos were taken from instagram.

You can achieve this hair color yourself at home. However, if your hair is dark you must first turn your hair color. (Bleach)

You can use silver hair color as ombre. Generally, women prefer to use this hair color on their hair.

It can use different hair colors like silver – pink, silver – purple, silver and red.

Silver Hair Color Dye

Directions Silver Hair Dye Price: £4.50

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