What is Semi Permanent Hair Dye?

When it comes to semi permanent hair dye, colored dyes such as blue, green and pink come to mind. Spray hair dyes and hair mascaras are also in the semi-permanent hair dye class. Marginal colored hair dyes are divided into cold and hot reaction dyes. Color hair dyes working with cold reaction are water-based and can be applied without the need for oxidant liquid. In hot reaction paints, oxidant cream mixture is made, the paint does not work without oxidant.

Semi Permanent Hair Dye

How to Apply Semi Permanent Hair Dyes?

Paint manufacturers and specialist hairdressers recommend that these dyes be applied on the number 11 platinum hair color. While you may not be able to lighten your hair down to platinum, you should at least lighten it up to a dark blonde color. When a shade of yellow is obtained, the hair should be thoroughly dried.

If the dye to be used is a dye that works with oxidant cream and the hair opening process is made of tones such as black and dark brown, it is useful to wait a day. The hardness of the bleach can be softened by making a mask with oils such as Argan oil and coconut oil for the expected night. For the best results to Semi Permanent Hair Dye, can be applied by applying the packaging process so that the paints do not mix.

What is the Packaging Process?

For the best results to Semi Permanent Hair Dye : Aluminum foil is used to pack the hair tufts to be dyed in light color. Aluminum foil is placed under the strand before it is dyed. The paint is applied on the foil and with the help of a brush, it is applied all over the hair. The foil is then folded on the sides. With the help of a comb, a scratch is created in the middle and folded in half from this line and closed.


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