Revlon Revlon Color Effects Platinum and Reviews

If you intend to lighten your hair up to platinum, I strongly recommend using Revlon Revlon Color Effects Platinum kit. You can easily apply this opener set, which is sold for $ 12. This saves you money.  Because when you want to have this applied in the hair salon, the lowest prices start from 150 dollars.

In this context, I will try to explain how you should apply this bleacher kit to achieve platinum hair color.

If your hair is light brown or blonde tones (such as 6.0 – 7.0 – 8.0), you can bring your hair to a lighter color (Platinum) with this hair bleach.

Generally, application is easy and takes a short time. However, there are a few points to consider.

  • When you apply it continuously, I recommend you to regularly use hair strengthening creams such as Olaplex No: 5 twice a week in order to not damage your hair.
  • Before applying it to your hair, you should be especially careful that your hair is clean.
  • When you apply the Platinum kit, take care to keep it in your hair for the ideal time, otherwise you may not achieve the success you want.

Questions and Answers

  • If your hair is gray (like ashy auburn, auburn), you cannot get the platinum color you  want with this hair lightening kit.
  • Be careful to start 1 inch above your scalp in order not to damage your scalp.
  • After the application is over, you can strengthen your hair by moisturizing with oils such as Argan oil.
  • Finally, after you have lightened your hair, you can dye your hair with a quality purple shampoo for a more matte look.

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Revlon Revlon Color Effects Platinum

  • Apply Color Effects Platinum™ to your hair when it’s clean and dry. But our hair experts advise not to wash your hair right before you color it
  • Work the formula into the length of your hair, starting an inch down from your scalp; you’ll only hit the roots after 20–30 minutes and then check on your progress until you’ve reached your platinum peak.
Revlon Revlon Color Effects Platinum
Revlon Revlon Color Effects Platinum

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