Revlon ColorSilk Moisture – 10 Colors and Reviews

Many people are unaware that Revlon has a line of hair dye called ColorSilk Moisture. This product is made for those with dry or damaged hair who want to keep their color looking fresh and healthy. The good news is you don’t have to sacrifice your style in order to get the moisture you need! We’ve put together reviews on 10 colors so take a look at the list below, complete with pros and cons, before you make your decision. 

Why does gray hair occur?

The mutations in the cells of an individual’s hair follicles might be one of the most common causes. As natural aging occurs, the production of pigment-producing melanin is slower and usually not adequate to blend them with more newly made hairs

The long discontinued gray concealer “Revlon ColorSilk Moisture” is actually a successful hair dye that gets good reviews.

You can use this hair dye to cover white and gray colors, especially in hair.
This hair dye is used only to cover gray hair colors. So it is not ideal for dyeing your hair a different color.
Currently no sale anywhere.

Your hair will love you: This nourishing formula, infused with Moroccan argan oil, helps with preventing damage and leaves hair so soft, you won’t want to stop running your fingers through it.

You get 100% gray coverage from ColorSilk Moisture-Rich™—that’s our promise.

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Revlon ColorSilk Moisture Colors

76 Wind Red

Revlon ColorSilk Moisture

Now, Revlon has not made any statement on this matter. However, I think the product will be sold again in a more developed way.

10 Jet Black / Noir Jet

21 Natural Black

67 Medium Chestnut Brown

73 Golden Brown

52 Burgundy

56 Deep Red

74 Bright Auburn

90 Honey Blonde

100 Light Golden Blonde


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