User Reviews for Palette Hair Color

In this article we will examine User Reviews for Palette Hair Color
The hair dye industry is a billion dollar business. Brands like Clairol and L’Oreal have been around for decades, but the market has changed drastically over the past few years. Consumers are demanding more natural ingredients in their beauty products, so brands like Palette Hair Dye have popped up to meet this demand. These dyes use plant-based colors that won’t irritate your scalp or damage your hair follicles. The reviews on these products are all generally positive and users seem happy with the results of their color changes!

Positive User Reviews for Palette Hair Color

  • I must say that the white covering feature in blacks has a semi-permanent effect. Its smell did not bother me, it isn’t caused a shedding etc in my hair while using it. Although it does not give the same color in the box, I can say that I find the black tone successful.
  • Intensive lightener can even lighten the dark color, I think it is successful in this regard. While the least he was able to lighten my hair, which was dyed chestnut hair color 6-7 months ago. Looks a little copper but okay; it was not worse than the opening process I had done at the hairdresser before.
  • The brand I prefer when dyeing my hair for the first time in my life. I used honey foam 8-0 number. I could not match the blonde color in the box, but I am happy with the color I have achieved. My hair became soft after use. Since I painted it for the first time, I could not be very successful in covering the whites. so I cannot say anything specific about the ability to cover whites. I’ll have a clearer idea after doing the second try next month.

Negative User Reviews for Palette Hair Color

  • The dye brand that I dyed my auburn hair yesterday, made my red-chocolate hair black. There is nothing remotely related to red and chocolate. Do not use, do not use. Before dyeing, I saw the comment that a woman made it all black on the forum site, but I did not take it into consideration. Stay away.
  • It has a so-called dark cocoa color. You look through the package, it looks like a natural brown, like a dark chestnut: but a lie. This is the black you know. Navy blue on the black line. Edit: Fortunately, it was able to flow after washing it 3 times a day without getting bored every day for 2 weeks, it became normal brown.
  • I bought Palette brand dye to darken my hair. Before, I thought that there was a rash on my neck, but I was in an emergency at in the evening with shortness of breath and swelling of my body. Air was given and 4 needles and two serums, I found it difficult from 1 to 5 pm. I have been dyeing hair for years, this is the first time that is happening to me. I thought I was going to die. Please do not take this job lightly.

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