How to Removing Hair Color at Home?

If you want to removing hair color at home, there are natural methods you can do this You have dyed your hair, but you are not satisfied with its new color and you want to return to your main hair color, you can actually achieve this easily by applying hair color removing process in hairdressers.
If it has not been too much time since you dye your hair, it is likely that the dye will flow faster and you will return your hair to its natural color. Another option is to get rid of your hair by dyeing it to the hair color you want, but this way unfortunately wears out the hair.

Removing Hair Color

Removing Hair Color with White Soap

One of the most popular is white soap. Hair washed with white soap regains its former color in a short time. White soap is an effective hair color removing agent.

Removing Hair Color with Vitamin C

Vitamin C not only allows the dye in your hair to remove, but also acts as an effective hair lightener. It can lighten up to 2 tons, especially if your hair is not dyed.

Removing Hair Color with Olive Oil

The mask you apply to your hair with olive oil helps your hair color removing.

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