Dyeing White Hair to Red Hair Color

Making the red hair color is challenging for both home coloring and hairdressers. If you have lots of whites (scalp), you may need to seek professional help for this.

The process of dyeing hair is not a new concept. In fact, it dates back to ancient Egypt where people used henna in order to lighten their dark locks. It’s no surprise that with the advances in technology there are all kinds of different dyes available at your local beauty supply store. So what can you do when you want to go from white hair to red?

How to Dyeing White Hair to Red Hair Color ?

If the rate of whites in the hair is high, moisten the hair, mix the dye with 9 volumes, ie 30 volume oxidants, and apply it solidly, and you will see that the whites are completely covered. As whites is very hard, it softens as a result of moisturizing and all the dye penetrates into whites.
We need to think of whites as an empty tube. We use 30 volume oxidant, 9 volume dye.

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