How to use Purple Shampoo?

If your hair is in yellow tones and your hair has turned orange, purple shampoo may be the one you should use. It is often used to turn your hair into baby blonde or turn your orange hair into ashy tones.
When you want to come to yellow tones with dye without opening your hair completely, your hair color will most likely come to orange tones. Again, it is generally used by home users to eliminate the harsh orange reflections that occur on the hair after ombre processing.

Purple Shampoo Properties
As it is known, purple color is the opposite of yellow color. By using the contrast between these two colors, it softens the raw and bright appearance of yellow. For this reason, these shampoos are used to give the hair a more natural appearance, especially when the process is applied in yellow tones.

How to Use Purple Shampoo?

By using your orange hair once a week, you can get rid of reflections by coming to ashy blonde tones in 3 weeks. Due to the purple color in it, purple glows will occur in the hair in the first place. Don’t let this scare you, because when the hair is rinsed, there will be no trace of this color. It can be applied once or at most 2 times a week after the most suitable shampoo is taken according to the color of the hair.

Why Use Purple Shampoo?

  • You opened your hair and it became a raw color close to orange and you did not like these tones. It removes the excess orange from your hair and gives you a lighter blonde hair.
  • As an application, 2 weeks may be sufficient (4-6 washings).
  • It makes white and gray hair look brighter and livelier.
  • It prevents and removes unwanted yellowing in white and gray hair.
  • However, the second and more used reason is that it is very effective in lightening yellow hair when there are yellow hair color tones that you do not want in your hair.
  • Loads violet pigments into hair

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