Poppy Red Hair Color

If you want pink and red soft and beautiful hair dye, you can try Poppy Red hair color. This red hair dye, which is one of the 36 hair dye colors of Directions hair dye brand, is an extremely beautiful color that contains pink color.

Shocking red hair color is one of the most popular colors for women to dye their hair. It’s bold, it’s beautiful and has been around since cavemen first started dying their hair with natural dyes. Although many people think this shade of red is only appropriate for younger girls, it can look sophisticated on an older woman as well if done correctly.

Poppy Red Hair Color

Directions hair dyes with an average duration of 45 days are vegan and semi-permanent. The UK-based hair dye, which is generally known for its unusual hair colors, has 5 shades of red.

Poppy Red hair color is the most natural one among red colors. If you want a natural but different red hair color, you can try this hair dye.

Poppy red hair color should not be used by people who want to maintain their dye job for more than one week.

People with naturally dark brown, black, or dark blonde hair will get the most out of poppy red hair color. This is because it won’t cause it to turn excessively orange or dull greenish-brown, which would make it counterproductive to the desired look.

Redheads are also an excellent candidate for this type of color because they often exhibit many subtler shades in their natural balayage that tend to stand out when brought up in oxidation, making them seem instantly warmer and lively!

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