Plum Hair Color

Plum hair color is an unusual hair color containing a mixture of purple and red colors. It is a warm hair color and usually, women with darker hair color prefer this hair color.

Plum hair color is an intense shade of purple that works best on those with very light blonde, white, or gray hair. It can also be flattering for those with pink or blue undertones in their skin as well as warm tones such as olive and tan. The darker your natural color is the better this will look so if you have dark brown to black hair this might not work for you.

Plum goes great with a variety of eye colors and skin tones but isn’t ideal for those who want lighter pastel shades like lavender and baby pink. It’s important to note that it doesn’t fade into just any shade of purple either; it tends to turn more red-plum than lavender which may not be what you’re looking for

Plum hair color is a hair color that is more suitable for women with dark skin. Generally, women over 30 prefer this hair color.

Plum Hair Color

Plum Hair Color for Hair Dyes

Plum hair dye can be found in many different brands such as Directions, Loreal, Manic Panic, etc. If your hair is dark brown or black, you can get this hair color at home very easily by using these hair dyes.

This hair dye washes out very quickly like red hair dye. For this reason, you may need to dye your hair several times (every 2 months) to make the plum hair color permanent.

You can mix plum color with different hair color. I mix this hair dye especially with dark brown hair color. When you mix it with a 3.0 brown hair dye, you get the following hair color.

Young girls like to mix different hair colors with hair dyes such as “Lagoon Blue, Turquoise, Neon Blue, Lilac”.

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