Platinum Blonde Bottom Dye Application

I know that you have been dying to get your hands on the new platinum blonde bottom dye. Well, I am here to tell you all about it! Let me start by telling you what it is and how it works. Platinum blonde bottom dye is a semi-permanent hair color that can be used for any type of hair including fine or coarse hair. It’s great because you don’t need bleaching or peroxide which means no damage to your natural locks!

If your hair has previously had hair colors such as platinum blonde, light blonde, baby yellow, cold blonde, and misty blond or if you have dyed your hair in fairly light platinum tones, you can use the products I will tell you to make your.

Platinum Blonde Bottom Dye

The Required Products for Platinum Blonde Bottom Dye

All you need is two bottles of water, a bottle of platinum yellow hair dye and a few gloves (optional). The instructions are simple: mix the oxidant with some water (about 4 oz) in a bowl, then add hair dye and mix, then apply your hair bottom.

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