Pastel Pink Hair Color

The most beautiful shade of pink hair dye is pastel pink. You can see this hair dye color in the hair color catalog of many different brands. Pastel pink hair color, which is generally preferred by young girls between the ages of 14 and 25 reflects a certain style (Emo in avant-garde and young girls), is used quite often although it is an extremely unusual hair color.

You may have difficulty in making this hair color at home. You can get the color from the mixture of Pink – Gray – Peyaz colors. So I suggest you go to a professional hairdresser.

Remember, if you are going to dye your hair for the first time from light hair color to the dark, let the first coloring and bleaching process to the hairdresser. Then it will be much easier to dye your hair to the same color.

Who can pull it off

Pastel pink is a neutral hair color. It contains both warm and cool hair colors so any woman whose skin tone is warm – cool or neutral can easily use it. Pastel pink, which suits brown hair, is also preferred by many famous women. The following examples show examples made with this hair dye.

Pastel Pink Hair Dye

Directions Pastel Pink Hair Dye Price: £4.50

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