Organic Hair Dye

Organic hair dye does not damage the hair compared to other hair dyes that can be obtained from the mixture of herbs. Also, like other hair dyes, there are all colors organic dyes. You can get information about the best organic dyes with our topic of organic dye brands we have prepared.

Naturigin Organic Hair Dye

Naturigin Organic dye, which does not contain paraben and ammonia, is the most preferred organic hair dye among women. We can say that Naturigin hair dye, which is a little more expensive than other hair dyes, is the most effective organic dye. Your hair is moisturized and nourished thanks to Naturigin vegetable oils, which contain 12 different vegetable oil scents.

Phyto Color Organic Hair Dye

You can dye your hair in any color with Phyto Color Organic Dye, which does not contain ammonia and has different colors. Hair dye, which contains marshmallow, coffee, wheat protein, beet, rhatany, kurkuma, indigo, gunpowder, walnut, henna, cinemaki, jojoba oil, dyes your hair in natural colors without damaging the structure of your hair.

Natural Colors Organic Hair Dye

Natural Colors Organic Dye, popular among organic dye brands, nourishes your hair with its content of coconut, corn, soybean, aloe vera, palm nut, banana, almond oil, grapefruit, wheat oil, orange, vitamins E and C. The ammonia-free hair dye, whose main ingredient is soybean oil, is also preferred because it does not cause any allergic reaction with its 28 different color options.

Tierra Organic Hair Dye

Tierra Organic Hair Dye, which offers 96 different color options and does not contain ammonia, is applied to the hair in a creamy consistency and washed after waiting for a while.

The Facts About Organic Hair Color

In recent years, many scientific studies have been published on the damages of chemicals in hair dyes. We know that these chemicals cause weakening and flaking of the scalp and hair structure in long-term use.

  • The most harmful chemicals used in hair dye are Ammonia
  • Paraben (a preservative used in the cosmetics industry to prevent bacteria formation)
  • SLS (Sodium laureth / lauryl sulphate (sles / sls) product that does not have any chemical cleaning effect but works for a lot of foaming)
  • Resorcinol (Resorcinol, an organic compound with formula C₆H₄ (OH) ₂)

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