Olaplex Hair Bleach and Care Cream

The Olaplex brand, which has created the most successful hair care product of recent years, has created a product set that is indispensable for women and professional hair dyeing specialists who do hair opening and intensive hair coloring.

If you are looking to lighten up your hair, there are a few things that you should know about bleaching. Bleach is an oxidizing agent which means it strips away color from the hair strand. It can be harsh on the scalp and dry out your strands, which is why many products have been created for it with Olaplex being one of them. If you want to bleach your hair at home here are some tips to help avoid damage.

In fact, this product was created and offered for use in hair salons, but the product was so successful that it was researched and bought by women who do hair bleaching at home, balayage applications, and continuous hair coloring. I have been using the product for about 4 years. In this content, I would like to give detailed information about the Olaplex hair bleach and conditioning cream.

What Is Olaplex?

It is a product that removes the harmful effects of the chemicals you use in the process of bleaching your hair, strengthens the hair, prevents it from breaking, falling, and the damage of the bleach used, and the hair from being burned by chemicals. 7 different numbers used for different purposes.

No 1: Bond is used as a multiplier, that is, to prevent your hair from being burned and damaged before bleaching your hair. This is the most important and expensive product. It is also not sold individually. (Because of the hairdressers.)

N0 2: It has the same active ingredients as the product before and it is creamy and must be used during the bleaching process. No dye or bleach should be used on the hair after the use of no 2.

No 3: It is used as a pre-shampoo conditioner to strengthen your damaged, dull, fragile, elastic, and dry hair in balayage, highlighting and dyeing processes you apply to your hair.

How to Use

Apply to damp hair, comb, and leave it on for at least 10 minutes or overnight before washing as usual. Can be used in conjunction with Daily “No 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo” and “No 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner”.

How Long Does It Take?

The duration of use depends on how often you color your hair. However, if you are going to the hairdresser and you are going to bleach your hair, you can buy this product and ask the hairdresser to use this product.

Has a Very Fast Repairing Effect on Hair Burns

Olaplex hair care products can be your savior if your hair burns with wrong applications or if you have a burning condition (elasticity, weakness ) in your hair because you constantly use bleach.

While Olaplex No: 1 and No: 2 are used for hair lightening. (For professional use only)

Olaplex No: 3, No: 4, No: 5, No: 6 and No: 7 ensures that the burnt or weak hair becomes stronger and returns to its former healthy state as soon as possible.

No: 4 Hair Care Shampoo: Cleans the hair without wearing it, repairs hair bonds, and provides moisture and strength.

No: 5 Hair Care Cream: Repairs hair bonds. (the OLAPLEX No 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner repairs hair bonds and gently restores hydration levels without adding excess weight)

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