Neon Blue Hair Color

Neon blue, which is one of the most bold hair colors for a woman, is one of the most provocative hair colors with blue-black hair color. It can make a woman both ambitious and attractive and unusual. I find the photos from instagram,you will see hair colours obtained by the Neon Blue hair dye, mixed with other blue hair dyes

You can find Neon Blue Hair dye in famous brands like Directions – Manic Panic and the blue color is the most popular one.

Who can pull it off?

Because its shiny, it can be an ideal hair color for both warm and cool skin undertone as well as neutral. It is generally preferred by young women between 25-35 ages.

Blue is a symbol of the rebellion. It can be a lifestyle or style choice for women.

You can get this hair dye by mixing Lagoon Blue, Atlantic Blue, Midnight Blue and Denim Blue hair dyes.

Neon Blue Hair Dye

Directions Neon Blue Hair Dye price : £4.50

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