Unique 21 Midnight Blue Hair Color

Midnight Blue Hair Color can be preferred especially for women who want blue black hair color. Because it is dark blue, you can use this hair color without converting your hair to platinum color. You can obtain beautiful hair colors by dyeing your hair at home in brown or black hair.

There are so many different hair color trends, but one that is becoming increasingly popular and fun is midnight blue. It’s a deep blue shade that looks great on people with lighter skin tones and for those who want to stand out in the crowd. Although it may seem like a difficult task to apply this kind of color, it really isn’t too bad at all once you understand what you’re doing. 

I used this hair color two years ago. I used it directly on my black hair. And I got a very nice blue-black hair color like the hair color below.

The following photos were taken from Instagram. Those colors were obtained by using Directions hair dye.

This hair color is an ideal hair color especially for women with white skin and cold skin sub-tone. It is a very ambitious hair color and this hair dye can stay in your hair for 4-5 weeks.

Midnight Blue Hair Colors

Midnight Blue Hair Color

Midnight Blue Dye

Directions Midnight Blue Dye Price : £4.50

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