Mandarin Hair Color

Mandarin is a vibrant orange hair dye color. You can get this color with Directs and It lasts 4-5 weeks. Then fades away with pastel tones. Directions is a semi-permanent and vegan hair dye. You can read our article about the brand for more detailed information.

Who can pull it off ?

It looks better on cool skin undertones. This is because it’s a very warm hair color. Two contrasting tones will look harmonious and will make your face look more young by preventing paleness.

How to paint at home?

 It is very easy to get this hair color. After bleaching the dark hair with a low volume bleacher, you’ll already get the orange color. Then you need to keep Directions mandarin hair dye in your hair for 2 hours. Remember that orange dyes fade quickly so you may have to dye your hair once a month.

These hair colors are obtained from a mixture of different hair dyes and mandarin hair dye in orange tones.

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