Loreal Paris Super Blonde Creme Lightening Bleach Blonde

Is your hair dark? Then she is using this product.

“L’Oreal bleach” was developed to make your hair blonde color. This product can be used by women with dark hair color.
How to use?
As this is a chemical product, it can damage your hair.
Pay attention to the amount before use. Do not stay in your hair longer than recommended.
If you use it too much, your hair may wear out. Be careful not to use more than once in 2 months.

When using it, you can use hair care creams and products such as Olaplex (when lightening the hair). In this way, your hair is less worn. There is no slimming and tearing on your hair.

Super lightening non-drip creme formula

Super conditioning creme formula

Works even on dark hair

Ultra-luminous blonde result

Who’s it For

For those who desire super – lightening action from root to tip. Super Blonde lightens natural or color – treated hair with ease. Effective even on dark hair.

How Does it Work?

The luxurious non-drip creme formula devilers smooth, even blonding for an ultra – light result. Takes even dark hair to a pure, shining result in one simple step.

What makes it Special?

The super-rich creme formula protects and conditions hair as you lighten. While the conditioning shampoo leaves hair soft, manageable and luminous after you lighten.

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