L’Oreal Paris Colorista Bleach

You can use Colorista Bleach to turn your hair into light colors. L’Oreal Colorista Bleach has developed a product for 3 different applications. It can be used by dark-haired women who want to make their hair ombre or blonde at home.

Colorista Bleach works by removing pigment from your hair strands so that you can apply another color on top of it. In order to get the most out of this product, you’ll want to make sure your hair is clean and dry before coloring – if there’s any moisture left in your locks after shampooing or conditioning them, this bleach will have nothing to remove!

According to one of our user comments: “Not as successful as professional products. Also, these products are not necessary if you can turn your hair color to platinum. But it is reliable for novice users. You can be sure that it causes the least damage to the hair.”

Hair color professionals can turn even the darkest shades without damaging the hair. But they use a lot of different hair care products.

This hair dye by L’oreal bleaches your hair with 3 different volumes. If you want to get successful results you need to know your hair color well. If you use the wrong product your hair can get damaged or brassy. So you may not be satisfied with the result.

L’Oreal box bleach kits are available in 3 different colors. This product, which received 2/5 points in user reviews, is disappointing for women who use this bleach kit.

However, bleaching the hair color (especially dark hair color) is not an easy task. Knowledge and experience are required.

Your hair color is important when applying L’Oreal bleach kits. If your hair color is dark or black, you cannot turn your hair into a yellow hair color with these products. If you are going to dye your hair for the first time, it is better to go to the hairdresser. After your hair is a lighter color, you can repaint yourself with L’Oreal bleach kits at home.

Read below for instructions. lorealparisusa.com 2021 Price: $10.99

There are 3 different varieties.

All Over Colorista Bleach

It can be applied to all hair types. This product comes in 4 different colors.

L'Oreal Paris Colorista Bleach
Colorista Bleach
Colorista Bleach

Highlights Colorista Bleach

This method is applied to your hair. You can change the shade of your hair up to 2-3 shades. In this way, you can get a shiny hair color.

Ombre Colorista Bleach

Provides up to 2 shades of hair bleaching. You can achieve a slight gradation of color known as sombre.

Colorista Bleach

Brush – On Ombree Quick & Easy Diy

Get gorgeous ombre at home, inspired by the pros. Now, with an easy-to-use DIY brush for seamless application.

But don’t stop there: Bleach & Play with our Colorista Semi-Permanent Colors, sold separately.

Rich Nourishing Conditioner

Hydrates the hair beautifully, leaving it soft and manageable.

Step1: In This Kit

First Create your Ombre Effect

Before you apply, pre-lighten targeted ombre strands to light, pale blonde for visible color results.

Step2: Sold Separately

Then you’re ready to add color

To color your ombre, buy Colorista Semi-Permanent Color. Apply the color to lightened strands of hair to create your own customized ombre.


Some of these comments were taken from walgreens.com.

Educate yourself before use 5/5

Removing hair color using bleach is a tricky process even if you are a professional, so trying it at home is even riskier. It’s not the product that’s the problem it’s not understanding how color lifting works and why you need to understand temperature and bleach chemistry. Also, heat needs to be used from the end of the hair to the root to get the same amount of lift so you don’t end up with blonde roots and orange ends. L’Oreal is a great brand and I’ve been using both its professional and regular products with no problems for years. If you want to attempt bleaching your hair these days do your research before you do. That’s the reason people go to school to become professionals. 

Absolutely awful- don’t bother! 1/5

 I don’t normally use box bleach kits but decided to try this as I’d never seen it before. HUGE MISTAKE! I followed the instructions exactly, let it sit as instructed, and finally washed it off only to find it looked patchy and awful. The top of my head was blonde but everywhere else was a gross brassy-brown. It definitely lightened my hair- but not at all as the box shown. Huge disappointment and waste of money. 

Didn’t do anything 1/5

 I was so happy to bleach my hair with this, but it didn’t even do anything to my hair. It’s literally the same color as it was before, I had it in for 30+mins and it did nothing. 

Don’t buy it! 1/5

Bought this today and it didn’t bleach my hair all one color it’s two-toned bad and I didn’t have any color in before using the product to make it do this either. I did tip to root to ensure my roots wouldn’t be lighter but that did nothing. This is twice I’ve given L’Oreal a try and both times I’ve been disappointed! Never again. Wish I’d read other reviews who had the same exact issues!! I WANT A REFUND! I have my receipt and box. Highly disappointed in the product as many other people are. 

Terrible 1/5

Directions were confusing, bleach was chunky and powdery, then washed it out after 45 minutes and it did absolutely nothing.

Good But Not Perfect 3/5

I have really dark brown hair. I expected to have dark blonde hair after the bleach. But I got brown hair. 


  1. I have long, thick, naturally corse, medium to dark brown hair and it turned out perfect! I wanted a caramel and blond bayaloge and that’s what I got. Admittedly, I got super lucky… I forgot to add the bleach 3 lightning cream to the mixture and my hair turned out perfect! I watched a couple YouTubes on how to Bayaloge (sp?), divided my hair into sections, left the outside inch of my hair out of the dye zone, then zigzagged sections to highlight. Using a backdrop of tinfoil for each of the 10 sections, I brushed the color in starting at the bottom and varying how far up I went, about 5-8 inches from my roots. Using a strip of foil and zigzag selection I applied color to about 10 sections of my head, carefully folding each section of foil with bleach as I went. After 25 min I checked the first foils, added more bleach to one of them, then took out the foils with achieved lightness taking each out at a slightly different time to achieve a slight variance in color. I then washed it out with the kit shampoo and put a deep conditioner on it for an hour. I am thrilled I only mixed in the bleach powder and not the tube. My dark brown hair turned out exactly how I wanted it to with caramel and blond curls.

    1. Why do you think the Lightening cream would have messed it up? Did you read it somewhere or just deduct that that was why it turned out better than others?!

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