19 Provocative Lilac Hair Color

Lilac hair color is a very nice hair color that can be found in the catalogs of different hair dye producers such as Directions, Manic Panic, Loreal Paris, Colorista, Schwarzkopf.

Lilac is an ideal hair color for women who love different hair colors especially blue and purple – pink hair colors.

Lilac is a very beautiful colorful flower and is an assertive hair color inspired by nature. It is a hair color in Eflatatun shades consisting of light blue and light red.

Lilac Hair color Which skin color does it suit?

Women who use this hair color often have a paler skin color. (Usually, women with white skin color prefer.) This hair color suits women with dark and wheat skin as well.

Because it is a warm hair color, lilac hair color is more suitable for women with cold skin.

Lilac hair color can be ideal for women of any age range. Especially young girls prefer this hair color very often. Lilac is the most preferred hair color in Japan among young women.

You can dye this hair color yourself at home, but your hair needs a few treatments. If you’re dyeing your hair for the first time, I suggest you get this hair color at a professional hairdresser. Then you can use this hair color in the same way.

Lilac Hair Hair Dye

Drections Dye : Price £4.50

Directions hair dye is a semi-permanent and vegan hair dye. The company is from England.

104 Cool lilac schwarzkopf

Lilac hair dye Temporary

Colorful Hair Sugar Lilac 90 ml

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