Exciting 23 Lavender Hair Color

Lavender hair color is one of the most beautiful colors of pastel tones. This color in Directions hair dye brand reveals a truly flawless color of lavender. Because it is both warm and cool hair color, it is a suitable hair color for every woman with neutral and warm skin under tones. It can be used for any skin color, whether you have brown or white skin. A soft but remarkable hair color, Lavender hair dye is like a mixture of blue – purple – gray and white dyes.

Lavender Hair Color

When the dye fades in 5-6 weeks, you’ll get a very beautiful pastel tone so you can use this hair dye for about 2-3 months easily.

How to do it at home

In order to get this hair dye with flawless and original hair color, your hair color should be in platinum tones. If you have dark hairyou should bleach your hair to make it platinum blonde.

You can get very nice hair colors by mixing this hair dye with: Lilac, Lagoon Blue, Silver, Wisteria hair dyes.

Lavender Hair Dye

Directions Lavender Hair Dye Price : £4.50

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