17 Unforgettable Lagoon Blue Hair Colors

The perfect blend between blue and green, lagoon is a beautiful color that will have you feeling like an under the sea mermaid. If you’re looking for a new way to express yourself next summer or just want to try something different, check out our latest video on how to get lagoon locks! 

We’ll walk you through every step of achieving your dream color so sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Let us know if this is something you’d be willing to try by commenting below!

This shiny Lagoon blue is used by young girls who love the Emo style, are confused with turquoise color.

You can see the Instagram pictures of women with lagoon-colored hair.

                   How To Do It at Home

Light Auburn: When used on dark blonde/light brown hair it can result in grey tones. To get the original and light blue you need to bleach your hair.

This Lagoon Blue hair dye lasts 4-5 weeks and turns into pastel tones as it fades away.

Lagoon Blue Hair Color

Lagoon Blue Hair Dye

Directions Lagoon Blue Hair Dye Price: £4.50

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