Keratin Treatment at Home

If your hair is damaged because you bleach your hair too much, you can still strengthen your hair, making it look shiny and even saving your money by using keratin serum.

Do you want to achieve the same results as those who get keratin treatments done at a salon? If so, you should learn how to do it yourself! It is easier than you think and can be done at home. Read on to find out how!

What is Natural Keratin Serum?

Repairs damaged hair, strengthens it quickly. Helps hair to get back to its former fresh healthy state.

Keratin is a protein that strengthens hair. It’s found in humans (nails, hair) and even rhino horns.

  There are Different Keratin Applications in Market

Fake Keratin Application: Unfortunately many hair salons use chemicals and silicon. Some of them, under the name of Brazilian blowout, are high temperature applications to straighten the hair which causes damages to the hair. After the application hair gets a temporary straight, shiny look. Then the hair loosens up (like rubber) and breaks off.

Natural Keratin Application: These products you can use at home don’t contain any chemicals silicon (synthetic). They contain natural keratin proteins. It’s not a high temperature application so it’s just natural keratin substances applied to your hair.

Keratin Treatment at Home

Why Do You Need Keratin Treatment?

Keratin treatment makes hair voluminous and strong, especially for frizzy thick, damaged hair. Prevents frizziness, makes it easy to comb (after taking shower), and allows you to straighten your hair.

Why you should use keratin?

1) If you have damaged, chemical burnt, decaying hair

2) If you have formerly processed, sensitive weak hair

3) To give hair resistance before; highlighting, perming, straightening hair

4) To re-gain keratin loss from the chemical processes and high temperature applications.

5) To protect your hair before setting 

Using as bundle: You can have healthy hair by using liquid keratin shampoo, cream, mask, and keratin oil together.

Keratin treatment is also known as ”Hair Botox”.

Keratin Treatment

Does Keratin Treatment Work ?

As we search through internet reviews we see that %70 of the users give positive feedbacks whereas %30 of them are not satisfied with the result.

There Are Two Different Application In Hair Salons

First: It’s basically a hair straightening application under the name of keratin treatment. It’s applied for straightening curly, wavy, or damaged hair. It makes the hair shiny straight smooth as silk. But unfortunately, it lasts only for one or two weeks.

The other one: It’s used as general care for matte, dry, hard, and even a little damaged hair to give it a more beautiful shiny voluminous look. But because these applications usually contain synthetic, they last not just a week maybe a few days, they lose their effect in the sea, pool, shower…

However, it gives a beautiful look even though it’s temporary. But does it really worth the cost? Not really.

Recommendation: Use natural pure keratin application at home or at a hair salon. Because other applications last short.

      How to Make Keratin Treatment At Home

Please read every line carefully, it’s important to understand everything for correct application.

You need oils for hair care: Before keratin treatment, you need specific oils for hair that works best for the hair. For example: argan oil, olive oil, coconut oil, etc.

These products affect the hair follicle and keep the hair hydrated. But because keratin can’t reach the hair follicles these oils prevent keratin treatment and its efficiency.

 To Clean your Hair from These Oils:

Wash your hair with warm water using shampoo, gently massage your hair and do it 3-4 times. Make sure you use enough shampoo. After applying all over wait for 3-4 minutes then rinse again. Use warm water throughout rinsing. Rub your hair with a towel and dry thoroughly. Again, to dry your hair even better while keeping your hair scales healthy, warm your hair with a blowdryer and increase the temperature to finish the process.

Tip: It’s important to have a straight hair for keratin treatment.

Step to Step How to Make Keratin Treatment at Home

1- Wash your hair twice in warm water with an organic silicone-free keratin shampoo and dry your hair thoroughly without using a hair conditioner, it is important to dry your hair straight so use a blow dryer to get the straight hair.

2- Apply Liquid Keratin Serum to your hair without dragging it into your hair follicles just like dyeing. And comb it for like ten minutes until it gets dry. Dry your hair with a warm blow dryer. In the meantime, do not tie your hair and never lie on your hair when your hair is wet.

3- Wash your hair with warm water after keratin application. (Don’t use any other product). Use a towel gently to dry your hair.

4- Apply Liquid Keratin Mask to your slightly moist hair for 15 minutes, wait and rinse it with warm water.

5- Finish the process by applying Liquid Keratin Cream to your hair (don’t spread it to follicles). And style your hair without washing it.

After The Applciation

Dry your hair until the way you like it to be. But don’t leave it undone.

Important: After keratin application make sure your hair doesn’t get sticky. If so you’d have a difficult time combing. If it happens, don’t force yourself to comb leave it to be. Wash your hair again and apply Liquid Keratin Mask and Liquid Keratin Cream.

 How Long Should It Last

If your hair is damaged too much you can apply it every week or 3-4 days a week to repair it.

If your hair is dry, hard, and matte: Use keratin oil with a mask. Apply keratin oil to your wet or dry hair. After waiting for one hour or two apply the keratin mask and wait for 15 minutes and rinse.

  Quick Keratin Application

If your hair had a chemical burn during the bleaching process you can quickly apply all the keratin once.

Wash your hair with shampoo and dry it. Then apply keratin, at the point where your hair starts to dry apply it once more.

Then wait for your hair to dry. To continue the casual keratin application rinse your hair and apply a keratin mask and rinse it again. Apply the last keratin care cream product to finish off the process. In this application, you can do 2 session processes at once.   

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