Keratin Loading and Care

It is an organic protein found in hair, nails and even rhinoceros horns that strengthens the structure of the hair.
Natural Keratin Loading;
It revitalizes the damaged hair and strengthens it in a very short time, making the hair old and healthy.

Does keratin loading be usefull?

When we examine all user comments on the Internet, we encounter many comments stating that 70% of the users have positive comments, but the remaining 30% are not satisfied.

Why Keratin Loading Care?

Keratin; Especially in fluffy thin stranded hair, keratin is loaded on the hair strands, making the hair strands fuller and stronger. It is used to bring the hair to a structure where the hair can be combed easily (after bath – sea – after shower) by preventing the puffiness in the hair and can be used straight.

For Which Hair Is Keratin Loading Necessary?

  • Frayed, burning, corroded hair.
  • Previously treated, sensitive and very thin hair that has lost its strength
  • It is used to increase the resistance of the hair before highlighting, perming, straightening or oriial (hair opening) processes.
  • It is used to recover the lost keratin of the hair at the end of chemical or heat applied processes.
  • It can be used as a spray to protect your hair before or after blow-drying and printing.

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