How to Mix Hair Dyes? Mixing Hair Dye at Home

Before you go to the salon, you can mix your own hair dye at home. It gives you more control over the color and quality of the dye that is used on your hair. You can also save money by doing it yourself because mixing hair dyes costs less than buying them in a store. If done correctly, this process will give you beautiful results without spending too much time or money!

I’ve been dyeing my hair myself at home for a long time. For the last 10 years, I have gathered some experience in mixing hair dyes and getting different hair colors.

In this content, I will tell you how you can get different and beautiful hair colors by mixing the hair dye numbers of the same brand hair dye brands.

Mixing Hair Dye at Home

Later, I will describe how to mix hair dyes of different hair dye brands.

Thus, with hair dye mixtures, you will be able to get the hair color you want yourself.

In this content, I will try to convey the formulas of hair dye mixtures for almost every color in yellow, auburn, red, copper, caramel, platinum, brown and tones. There are some tricks and things to be careful about when making hair dye mixtures. I will convey all of them.

Why Mix Hair Dyes?

By mixing the tone of hair dye colors at home, you can achieve the desired depth and sparkling color transitions. First of all, you get a more personalized look by mixing hair colors. Mixing colors gives you different hues in your hair.

Will mixing hair dyes damage your hair?

If the ingredients in the hair dye are similar and products of the same brand, you will not have any problems.

Since hair dyes offer many tones of colors, it can be quite easy to achieve the desired result in dyeing processes. At this point, the important thing is to decide well which colors to use together. Otherwise, the result can be a huge disappointment.

Things to Consider When Mixing Hair Dyes

1- Avoid contrasting colors as a hair dye tone.

2- To achieve successful results, you should choose tones that complement each other.

3- You should avoid using black and blond colors. Because they are both very dominant colors that don’t mix well.

4- When mixing hair color tones, you should pour them into a clean bowl and make sure they mix well before applying to the hair. You can return the mixed color to the Activator bottle or apply the hair color directly from the bowl with a tint brush.

5- To see what the result will be when you mix hair dye colors, first dye a lock of your hair and try to avoid disappointments.

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