How to Get Honey Hair Color at Home?

Honey hair color is a relatively new trend that has been gaining popularity. Although the honey hair color trend is considered to be “controversial”, it can look great on some women and isn’t as complicated as it seems! Honey hair colors are created using beeswax, honey, and other ingredients to create a golden brown shade of hair. The best part about this type of dye job? It’s all-natural! 

You can find dyes of different hair brands in honey color. However, it is worth noting that the different honey hair colors you can see around you are obtained by mixing hair dyes. In this content, along with photo examples, I will try to explain the most popular honey hair colors with which hair dyes are mixed and obtained.

Honey Hair Color at Home

Regardless of your own hair color, you can find how you can get honey hair color at home in this content.

Honey hair dye numbers

Only 3-4 brands have hair dyes on sale as honey hair color. We will also give the numbers and brands of these hair dyes. However, this honey-colored hair may not be the tone you want.

Hair dyes are available in the market but these are not exactly honey colors but you can mix.

  • Loreal Paris 6.3
  • Natural Colors 8D
  • Neva Color 8.32 
  • Palette 10.5
  • Voila 8.8
  • Loreal Casting 7.30

How Can You Get Honey Color at Home?

Honey hair color is heavily caramel hair color, but you can easily see copper and more shades (golden yellow) that are lighter than caramel in tone.

After applying bleach to your hair;

75% Sea Color 8.35 Honey caramel 25% Loreal 8 Dark blond + 9 Volumes oxidant.

Note: When applying, you need to apply both formulas at the same time, but apply the formula below to the ends of the hair according to the hair transitions.

On the ends of the hair, this time: Loreal 8 Number 75% and 25% You apply 75% Sea Color 8.35 Honey caramel hair dye with the balayage technique.

Honey Color Hairstyles and Haircuts

Below you can find the haircuts used for these hair colors, which are also in similar tones, in different shades of hair that I have compiled for honey hair.

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