How to Get Ashy Honey Foam Hair Color ?

In this article, we will give you information about how to get Ashy Honey Foam Hair Color and explain the application method at home.

Ashy Honey Foam Hair Color is a color obtained by mixing ashy blonde dye. This hair color is a hair color that eliminates the pale appearance of ashy blonde by reducing the orange effect.

For those who prefer medium light colors and want a trendy look, this hair color is definitely ideal

This hair color, the ashy tone of the hair color, is a color I can recommend to all women if you are not too dark.

Ashy Honey Foam Hair Dye Colors

For light hair;

  • You need to take 7.30 or 7.66 honey foam hair dye and pour half of it into a container.
  • It is enough to pour half of the 9.1 golden ashy yellow into the container with honey foam and finally add a bottle of nine percent oxidant and blend it. You can apply the dye to your hair, take into account the waiting time written on the box, and then wash it.

For auburn and light brown hair;

  • Just mix 9.3 golden blonde color, 8.1 ashy light brown color 9% oxidation and apply it to your hair.
  • By following the instructions on the box and keeping it in your hair long enough, you get the shade you want.

For dark hair;

  • This process is not recommended for dark hair as it will be difficult and gradual. However, women who have previously opened up experience, or who can get professional help, can easily achieve this color.
  • After the hair bleaching process, they can apply 9.3 golden blonde and 8.1 ashy light auburn dye to their hair.

How much does it cost to dye ashy honey foam hair at the hairdresser?

It varies according to the length, darkness of the hair and the duration of the procedure. They have prices between 100-300 $.

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