How to Get A Stunning Ashy Honey Foam Hair Color?

Foam hair color is a relatively new technique that has become quite popular in recent years. It is a type of hair dye that is applied in the form of foam, which makes it easier to distribute the color evenly throughout your hair. Ashy honey foam hair color is a great option for anyone who wants to add warmth and depth to their look without going too crazy with their color choice. Here’s how you can get this trendy style yourself.

In this article, we will give you information about how to get ashy honey foam hair color and explain the application method at home.

Ashy honey foam hair color is a shade of ash blonde that has been lightened further with honey foam to create a soft, creamy color. This color is perfect for cool skin tones with pink or blue undertones and can be used to brighten up the face. It will also add warmth to darker hair colors and can be used to cover up any brassiness.

Ashy honey foam hair is a type of hair color that is best suited for those with cool undertones to their skin. The color is created by using a mix of ash blonde and honey tones, which gives the hair a light brown or dirty blonde appearance.

Those with warm undertones to their skin should avoid this color, as it can make them look sickly. Additionally, those with very light hair should also avoid this color, as it will not show up well on lighter locks. Finally, those with very dark hair should also stay away from ash honey foam hair, as the result will be too light and may not appear natural.

Ashy Honey Foam Hair Dye Colors

For light hair:

  • You need to take 7.30 or 7.66 honey foam hair dye and pour half of it into a container.
  • It is enough to pour half of the 9.1 golden ashy yellow into the container with honey foam and finally add a bottle of nine percent oxidant and blend it. You can apply the dye to your hair, take into account the waiting time written on the box, and then wash it.

For auburn and light brown hair;

  • Just mix 9.3 golden blonde color, 8.1 ashy light brown color, and 9% oxidation and apply it to your hair.
  • By following the instructions on the box and keeping it on your hair long enough, you get the shade you want.

For dark hair;

  • This process is not recommended for dark hair as it will be difficult. However, women who have previously bleached their hair, or who can get professional help, can easily achieve this color.
  • After the hair bleaching process, they can apply 9.3 golden blonde and 8.1 ashy light auburn dye to their hair.

How Much Does It Cost to Dye Ashy Honey Foam Hair at the Hairdresser’s?

The cost will vary depending on the salon.

The price for this service is going to depend on where you go, but it should be in the vicinity of $60-$100 dollars. The process involves applying a dye that’s mixed with water and alcohol to your hair which then reacts with the protein in order to create a foam or “honey” consistency that’s left in place for about 20 minutes before washing out.

So, if you’re looking for a low-maintenance hair color that is easy to do at home and looks incredible, try ashy honey foam. Do your research before using this or any other new coloring method so that you can get the most beautiful result possible! If you have any doubts about what’s best for your specific type of hair, ask a professional hairdresser. The key to great looking locks starts with good information about how different colors will affect them – especially when it comes to natural ones like these!

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