How to Dye Caramel Brown Hair Color at Home? Application Guide

Caramel brown hair color is easier for women whose original hair color tone is brown, but it is a dye application that should be done carefully because of orangeization, copper and redness due to some wrong application methods at home.

Caramel brown hair color is a great alternative to the more common blonde and brunette shades. In this blog post, we’re going to show you how you can dye your own caramel brown hair at home! You’ll be able to enjoy the rich, warm hue that this shade offers without having to leave the comfort of your own bathroom. Follow these simple steps and see for yourself how easy it is! 

Can you bleach your hair at home?

It is better not to bleach at home because you will not be able to see if the bleach has been applied correctly and your hair might have a harsh chemical smell.

In this content, I tried to explain how to turn your hair into caramel brown regardless of your original hair color.

Caramel Brown Hair Color
Caramel Brown Hair Color

Important Explanation: Those who have black hair should not try this hair color at home if they have no experience. People with brown hair can achieve this by dyeing it 1 or 2 times with the brightest gold blonde. If you have light hair color, you can get this color by dyeing your hair with dark caramel hair dye.

Caramel Brown Hair Color Numbers

  • Loreal Paris Excellence Intense 6.32 Caramel Brown Hair Dye
  • Davines Mask 7.32
  • Voila 6.8 Dark Caramel
  • palette 5.44 ve 6.05
  • Syoss 5-60 Caramel Brown Hair Dye

How Can We Achieve This Color At Home?

Those With Brown Hair

People With brown hair can achieve by dyeing it 1 or 2 times with the brighest gold blonde.

  • Garnier 8.43 Honey Foam
  • Davines Mask 9.3
  • Voila 10.3 Gold Blonde
  • Loreal 9.3
  • Palette 204 Gold Blonde
  • Avon 10.31 Light Champagne Blonde
  • Naturigin Organic Gold Blonde 10.3 (Dore Blonde)
  • Igora royal Yellow – Intense Gold 9.55
  • Nevacolor 10.03
  • Lorael 9.03 
  • Revlon 165 Light Caramel Brown

Those with red and black hair color

You need to bleach your hair to platinum blonde. The main reason for this is that color pigments hold more in dark black and red hair. Red hair is constantly flowing and stubborn. For this, follow the method below.

Bleaching your hair to platinum blonde at home.

You can choose platinum blonde hair dyes down below

  • Palette Deluxe 10-2
  • Nevacolor Premium Toning Cream Paint Set Silver Gray Neva Color 9.01 (for redheads – you can get a beautiful caramel brown without leaving any green color.)
  •  Sea Color 0/1 Platinum Blonde Hair Dye. 30 oxidant (9% oxidant is 30 volume.)

-1 teaspoon of natural hair lightener


We mix the above ingredients and leave them in our hair for about 30 minutes. After the application is over, you can dye your hair with Caramel brown hair dye.

Caramel Brown Hair Color

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