How to Apply Balayage on The Tip of The Hair

The sun is setting, the sky is turning shades of gold and pink, you’re sitting in your favorite chair on the porch with a glass of wine in hand. You have no idea what to do with your hair because it’s been so long since you’ve had it done professionally. Well never fear ladies! This blog post will give you an introduction to balayage – where I get mine done at least once every 6 weeks or so! 

The application of balayage to the ends of the hair can change your appearance after correct techniques and hair color transitions are provided.

Crepe balayage or highlighting includes a similar style to these applications. It is very important to evaluate the tone difference well when making a color transition. Otherwise, you may get a result you don’t want.

In this hair application, which is one of the most cluster ombre models, auburn hair color at the roots of the hair, light platinum hair color at the ends of the hair and an ashy light blonde ombre hairstyle was obtained.

How to Apply Balayage at Home

For example: when your hair roots are very dark brown and your hair ends are ashy blonde, this will not be a successful result.

In the same way, if you have a caramel hair color, if you bleach the ends of the hair and dye them with dyes such as 8.1 and 10.1, the hair transition will not look nice.

If your hair is in red, chestnut, copper hair color tones, you should also be very careful. I advise you to apply these types of hair colors by asking questions or taking an expert’s advice on the well-groomed woman.

It is applied to the ends of the hair, which is a hair color application preferred by young girls with light wheat skin. You can see how it is applied in the topic below.

Things to consider when applying balayage to hair ends:

It is important to have a maximum of 2-3 tones of color transition between the root and the ends.

Harmonious balayage colors;

– Auburn Hair – colors such as yellow tones, light auburn, honey foam

 -Black Hair- red and copper tones

-Brown Hair- are hair colors such as light brown, golden brown, honey brown, caramel, caramel brown.

 Light Golden blonde hair dye and balayage technique was used to make ombre on brown hair.

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