Is Hair Dye During Pregnancy? Is it harmful?

In this article , we will examine Is Hair Dye During Pregnancy? Is it harmful?
The advice of doctors about this is that if you are worried, it is okay to dye your hair after the first 3 months. There is no scientific evidence that hair dyes harm the baby along with dyeing hair during pregnancy. If you want, you can have a look: FAQ for Hair Coloring

Hair Dye During Pregnancy

Using Organic Hair Dye During Pregnancy

If you still have inconveniences and fears about using hair dyes during pregnancy, it may be useful to use chemical-free organic dyes.

Cutting Hair During Pregnancy

Of course, there is no harm in cutting hair during pregnancy. It is obvious that cutting hair will not harm your baby. Apart from this, it will not harm the baby in cases such as cutting nails and painting nails during pregnancy. However, if possible, do not have manicure and pedicure in hairdressers and beauty centers, especially during pregnancy and puerperium. Manicure and pedicure applications made in beauty salons that are not well cleaned and hygienic environment may carry health risks.

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