Hair Dye Allergy

People with a hair dye allergy have an increased risk of having asthma, hay fever and eczema. The chemicals in some hair dyes can cause these allergies to develop over time. But there are ways to protect yourself! Read on for tips on how to avoid them and what you can do if you’re allergic.
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Hair Dye Allergy

What is the substance causing the Hair Dye Allergy?

It is paraphenylenediamine (PPD), which is a common ingredient in hair dyes. This substance is especially found in dark hair dyes. PPD can also be found in henna tattoos, dark makeup, photocopying and printing ink, black rubber, oil, greases, gasoline, and more. Although not normally dangerous, if you are allergic to PPD, it can cause serious health problems.

How can a Hair Dye Allergy be prevented?

A small amount of paint is applied to any part of the skin or behind the ear and it is observed whether there is a reaction there. If yes, there is an allergy, if not, there is no allergy.


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