FAQ for Hair Coloring

In this article we will answering FAQ for Hair Coloring.

Hair Coloring

FAQ for Hair Coloring

Is Dirty Hair Dye?

Hair dyes are prepared to give color to the pigments in clean hair, and the function of the dye and oxygen depends on this. Otherwise, the dye prepared will affect the dirt and oil first and then pass to the hair. This will not provide the desired effect to the hair within 40 minutes.

Can I Mix Hair Dye with Water?

The paint creams in the tube do not give color to the hair by mixing with water. It may be effective if a little pure water is used together with oxydant or perhydrol. Otherwise, water has no effect on its own.

Is Hair Dyed During Menstrual Period?

Since there is a temperature change in the body, the result may not be as desired in dyeing procedures performed during the menstrual period. If dyeing is done in the existing hair color, it will not be a problem to be in the menstrual period, but it may cause the desired color not to be achieved due to the high body temperature in the procedures to be performed on the hair follicles.

How should be the Hair Dye Mixing Bowl?

Hair dyes should be prepared and used in porcelain, glass or plastic containers. When the containers made of copper, aluminum and iron come into contact with the chemical substances in the hair dye and the oxidant, the dye deteriorates and the desired result may not be obtained on the hair.

Hair Dye and Allergy

Some dye is prepared and applied behind the ear. It is waited for 15 minutes. If a blushing or a different event is seen, there is an allergy and dyeing is not recommended. If there is no change, you can easily apply the paint.

Is Hair Dyed During Pregnancy?

Hair dyeing of pregnant women is inconvenient as it will be the use of chemical substances in the dyeing process. Therefore, we recommend that you do not apply any chemicals to your hair, especially during pregnancy.

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