Things to Attention to in the Hair Bleaching Process

In this article we will examine the Things to Attention to in the Hair Bleaching Process.
It is a common misconception that hair bleaching means only lightening the existing color. Hair dyeing and hair bleaching are two different processes. Bleaching can be done to any color of hair, from dark brown to black, in order for it to appear lighter than its natural shade. It’s important to use all-natural products when doing this process because chemicals used in other types of dyes may damage your scalp or skin on contact with your head or neck area.

How Should the Hair Bleaching Process Be Done?

A lot of people are looking for the perfect hair color, but not many know what to do when they want to dye their hair. There is a process it takes in order to get your new hair color, and if you don’t follow these steps then you won’t have the same results as someone who does.

How long should I wait for Hair Bleaching Process?

This question is very important, but it depends on the formula and product you apply. It varies between 10 minutes and 30 minutes depending on how much you turn it on and how many volumes of oxidant you use. You can determine the best result by watching this hair color change.

  • It is very dangerous to open your hair roots with orial openers. It is a technique that should be applied by professional and experienced hairdressers. So definitely don’t try it at home.
  • No matter what product it is, if you do let the bleaching contact your skin, very bad results may occur.
  • After dyeing it in an ashy color (auburn-brown), it is not possible to open your hair, do not wear your hair in vain.
  • If you have copper-red reflections in your hair, your hair will turn orange when you lighten it and when you dye it to a lighter color when it is orange, your hair will not lighten. (even if you paint over and over)
  • In some cases you can get light blond hair colors by mixing oxidant with hair dye and applying this process 2-3 times.
  • If your hair is of one color, you will first start from the ends of your hair, and you will towards the roots.
  • The use of conditioner in hair openers is not possible in every method and every mixture. Please pay attention to this too, some lightening formulas use shampoo.
  • It is very important to be careful not to open your hair continuously for short periods.
  • Every lightener wears out the hair a little. But the degree of this depends on the health condition of your hair, the product you use, the degree of oxidant, and whether you use oriental or not.
  • Hair dye removing and Hair Bleaching Process are two separate things.
  • If your hair has never been dyed, it is provided with a very small tone (half tone or 1 tone) opening. with natural methods such as chamomile, bleaching sprays, oils, honey, lemon etc.

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