17 Amazing Flame Hair Color

Flame Hair Color; A color as warm as a horse for women who want to use red and orange hair colors together.

Flame is one of the most beautiful blends of red and orange hair color available in different hair dye brands. I tried to indicate which hair dyes you can find below.

Directions: Flame hair dye

Igora Royal Photo Majirel 7.4

Manic Panic:

This hair color, which is often confused with the red hair color makes pop very beautiful hair colors. It is a warm and bright hair color. It is one of the most preferred hair colors in Northern Europe.

Who can pull it off ?

This hair color looks good on white skin tone and cool-neatural skin undertones. Especially the young girls among 16-25 ages commonly uses in the red tones.

How to make it at home

If you’ve dyed your hair before, it will be easy. However, if you have not and you have dark hair, first you will have to bleach your hair and get the orange color (Low volume hair bleach would be enough.)

Flame Hair Color

Flame Hair Color
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