Eighties Women’s Hair Fashion: Breeze From The Past

Eighties women’s hair fashion, big hair was all the rage for women. From voluminous perms to sky-high moussed styles, women went to great lengths to achieve the perfect coiffure. But while big hair may have been stylish, it often came at a cost.

Frequent washing, blow-drying, and styling with hot tools took a toll on strands, resulting in damage and breakage. In addition, many popular products contained harsh chemicals that further dried out and damaged hair. As a result, many women found themselves with brittle, dry, and frizzy hair. While the 80s may be long gone, the damaging effects of that decade’s hairstyles are still being felt by many women today.

eighties women's hair fashion

What Haircuts Did Women Prefer In The Eighties?

The eighties were a decade of big hair, bold makeup, and daring fashion choices. When it came to hair, women had a few different options to choose from. The popular “Rachel” haircut, made famous by Jennifer Aniston on the TV show Friends, consisted of layered, chin-length hair with a side part. For those who wanted something a little more dramatic, the “big hair” look was achieved by backcombing the hair and spraying it into place.

This style was often seen paired with dramatic earrings and colorful clothing. Another popular option was the “pixie cut,” a short and sassy style that was both easy to maintain and ultra-chic. No matter what their personal style was, women in the eighties loved experimenting with their hair.

eighties women's hair fashion

What Kind Of Care Was Applied to Women’s Haircuts In The Eighties?

Eighties women’s hair fashion tended to be either very short or very long. The most popular style was the bob, which was worn with a center part and chin-length layers. volume was key, and many women used mousse or hair spray to achieve the big, bouncy look. Perms were also popular, as they could add both curl and volume.

When it came to color, anything was fair game. From pastel hues to neon brights, women weren’t afraid to make a statement with their hair. In general, hair care was fairly low-maintenance in the 1980s. Unless a woman had a perm, she probably didn’t need to visit the salon more than once every few weeks. At home, simple brushing and blow drying were typically enough to keep hair looking its best.

Are Women’s Hair Styles In The Eighties Used Today?

If you take a walk down memory lane, you might be surprised to see how many popular hair styles from the eighties are making a comeback today. From big and bold perms to sleek and straight, eighties hairstyles are once again becoming fashionable.

Women of all ages are embracing their inner Madonna or Cyndi Lauper, and experimenting with new ways to style their hair. In particular, the trend for big and bouncy hair is making a comeback, with many women opting for voluminous curls or messy updos. So next time you’re feeling nostalgic, don’t be afraid to try out a retro hair style. You might just be ahead of the latest fashion trends.

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