9 Attractive Ebony Hair Color

Ebony Hair Color, which is a dark green mixture with black – gray ashy hair colors, is used especially for mixing with different hair dyes to obtain good results. It is an ideal hair dye if you want green shine on your black hair, or for sombre application (appearing in half a tone or a ton of different colors).

How to make it at home?

You can get successful results with especially dark black – and dark brown hair color . You can apply Ebony hair color directly to your dark hair. You should wait for 2 hours. It will last for 4-5 weeks. As the hair dye fades, a more pastel green emerges, which I’m sure you will like this hair color.

Who can pull it off ?

This color is in colder tone because it contains both black-gray and dark green hair color. So it will look good on woman with warm skin undertone.Even if your skin undertone is neatural or cool, and even if your skin color is dark, this hair color looks good with your skin.

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