Denim Blue Hair Color

Blue-Dark hair colours always express assertiveness. This color is easy to get (If you have darker tone hair) and hard to quit. Personally it’s one of my favorite neon hair color.

                   Who can pull off?

Thiş eye-catching  Denim Blue hair color is often used with black hair color (or black hair dye). Black also makes this hair color looks better. Usually people with white skin tones and cool skin tone prefers more. But this hair color is neither warm nor cold. It’s a neutral hair so it would look good on both dark and light skin tones.

How to Dye at home

If you apply this hair dye on black or dark brown hair directly you’ll get darker blue shades. You can use it as balayage on your black hair or apply it on  the tip of your hair to get ombre look.

Denim Blue Hair Dye

Directions Denim Blue Hair Dye Price : £4.50

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