Copper Hair Colors – Find a Better Copper Hue That Suit You

Copper hair colors are trending in the fashion world. However, many women are not sure how to achieve this look at home without damaging their hair. This blog post will explain all you need to know about copper hair colors and what you should do to maintain it! 

Copper is a reddish shade of brown that can be achieved through various methods. The most popular way is by using chemical dyes or dying your own natural color. Read on for more information!

Copper hair colors are one of the warmest hair color tones, just like red. The first step of finding out if copper hair color suits you is to know your skin tone. In this content, there are copper hair color dyes catalogs, box photos and photos of hair dye colors of all dye brands.

Copper Hair Colors

Who Are Copper Hair Colors Good for?

If you have a cold skin tone, you have found the hair color tone that suits you. Especially if you have white skin and you have freckles on your face, you cannot find a color that suits you as much. Especially Eastern and Northern European women are white and most women with copper hair color are found here in the world.

If you have a neutral skin tone, I suggest you try copper hair colors. A hair dye number that you will definitely like will be for you. Whether your skin color is white, light wheat or light brown…

If you have a warm skin tone, copper hair may not be for you. Especially if you have brown or wheat skin, your color, which is already in warm tones, will be well covered, which will make you look duller.

You can get find various hair dyes here.

What are the shades of Copper Hair Colors? What are their Names?

Red Copper

Dark Blonde Copper

Cinnamon copper

Sultan Copper

Copper Chestnut

Akaju Copper

Copper Caramel

Hurrem Copper

Dore Copper

Auburn Copper

Copper Brown

Apart from these tones, we also wanted to tell you about the ashy copper hair color in our topic.

Numbers of copper hair dyes

The names of copper hair dyes vary according to the dye brands, and the dye color numbers also contain their own numbers, so each dye brand uses different numbers.

Akaju Copper (4.54 Loreal)

Akaju Copper Chestnut (5.45 Akos)

Copper Irize brown (4-42 Akos)

Cinnamon Copper (8.77 in Palette

Middle copper

Intense copper (7.77 Palette)

Dark Copper (6.0 Naturigin)

Dark Blonde Copper

Sultan copper (Loreal 7.43, Loreal 7.4

Light Brown Golden Copper

Hürrem Copper (7.43 Sea Color and Loreal)

Copper Auburn (Koleston and Akos 6/34)

Copper Auburn Brown (6.30 Akos)

Brown Copper (6/70 Palette)

Intense Bright Copper (7/77 in Palette)

Light Dore Copper (Akos 8.34)

Red Copper (Akos 7.45)

Auburn red copper (6.46 Akos)

Copper Dore (6.4 Akos)

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