Caramel Brown Hair Color and Home Coloring Guide

If you are looking for a new hair color, but do not want to go too dark or change your natural look, caramel brown may be the perfect choice. This is a safe and non-committal way to try out something different while still being able to return back to your original color if it does not work out. The following guide will help you achieve this lovely shade at home with products that are easy on the wallet.

In today’s article, I will give you some information about what caramel brown hair color is and how you can dye brown hair at home with my own experiences.

Caramel hair color is an intense orange hair color, while caramel brown is a more vibrant and natural tone. Caramel brown hair is a rich and beautiful color that has been around for centuries. It was seen in ancient paintings, sculptures, and pottery from all over the world. The first recorded mention of caramel brown hair is in an ancient Egyptian tomb painting where it is shown on the head of a woman who appears to be Nefertiti, wife of Akhenaten.

Celebrities Who Dye Caramel Brown Hair Color

Caramel Brown Hair Color Numbers

  • Loreal Paris Excellence ─░ntense 6.32
  • Davines Mask 7.32
  • Voila 6.8 Dark Caramel
  • Palette 5.44 and 6.05
  • Syoss 5-60 caramel brown hair dye

Caramel Brown Hair Coloring at Home

Since I have used this hair color many times for many years and achieved many different caramel brown tones with box dyes at home, I will talk about how you can dye this hair color yourself.

Those with Brown Hair

Brown-haired people can get it in 1 or 2 dyeings with the lightest golden blonde color.

  • Garnier 8.43
  • Davines Mask 9.3
  • Voila 10.3 Golden Blonde
  • Loreal 9.3
  • Palette204 Golden Blonde
  • Avon 10.31 Light Champagne Blonde
  • Naturigin Organic Golden Blonde 10.3 (Dore Blonde)
  • Igora Royal Blonde – Intense Gold 9.55
  • Nevacolor 10.03
  • Lorael 9.03

Those with Red and Black

You need to bleach your hair. The main reason for this is that color pigments hold more in dark black and red hair. Red hair fades out and is a stubborn color. For this, follow the method below.

Will my hair get damaged?

Hair color can cause hair damage, which can lead to breakage. But you will not encounter these problems if you do not use it in the right amounts.

Bleaching the Hair at Home and Turning It Into Platinum Color

Platinum blonde hair dye / You can opt for the following hair dyes.

  • Palette Deluxe 10-2
  • Nevacolor Premium Toning Cream Paint Set Silver Gray Neva Color 9.01 (for redheads – you can get a beautiful caramel brown without leaving any green color.)
  • Sea Color 0/1 Platinum Blonde Hair Dye.

Dark Caramel Brown

Caramel brown hair color is a dark hue that can be achieved through the use of different shades of brown or by adding black to the mix.

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