5 Beautiful Bubble Braid Hairstyles

Bubble braid hairstyles are all the rage right now, and for good reason! They are a fun, trendy way to switch up your hairstyle without having to make any big changes. Plus, they work for just about anyone, regardless of hair type or length. If you’re looking for some bubble braid inspiration, look no further! I’ve put together five beautiful bubble braid hairstyles that are perfect for any occasion. So grab your favorite hair ties and let’s get started!

The Bubble Braid haircuts are a wonderful approach to express your individuality while still looking nice. With an easy and elegant updo, this hairstyle will transform you into a princess.

Bubble Braid Hairstyles Tutorial

Bubble braid hair is a type of hairstyle that features tightly-coiled curls wrapped around one another to create a bubbly look. It’s often worn by Black women and is popular for its unique appearance and versatile styling options.

There are many ways to style bubble braid hair, but the most popular method is to simply twist and coil the curls together until they form large, spherical shapes. This look can be achieved on any length of hair, but it works best with shorter styles that have more body and texture.

Let’s start with the fundamentals before we go into multiple bubble braids or head-attaching bubble braids.

  1. Brush your hair. To remove any kinks or tangles, use a boar bristle brush.
  2. Make a low ponytail out of your hair. Pull all of your hair into a low ponytail and tie it with a hair tie. If you don’t want the hair ties to be part of your whole look, choose a clear-colored elastic or one that matches the color of your locks.
  3. Add another hair tie to the tail. Wrap the tail with a second hair tie about an inch or two from the base to make your first section.
  4. Tug the piece. Some people like to tie all of the rubberbands before pulling apart the pieces, but you can pull each section as you go down the tail.
  5. Continue down the tail until you’ve reached the end of it. Continue adding hair ties and splitting up the sections until you’ve finished with the tail.

Who Can Use Bubble Braid Hair?

Bubble braids are a great way to add volume and texture to short or medium length hair. They’re also ideal for use as an alternative style on occasion, such as when you want to go au naturel or wear your hair in natural waves.

If you have very thick, long locks that you can’t manage with typical braid styles because they become too heavy and tangle-prone after prolonged usage then bubble braids may be just what you need! The best candidates for this kind of hairstyle are people who don’t like wearing ponytails but still want some sort of updo effect on their head at times – it’s perfect if your loose curls tend towards frizziness and tangles during the day.

Bubble Braid Hair Gallery

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