13 Gorgeous Glow Audrina Patridge Hair Colors

Audrina Patridge, one of the smart and attractive artists of The Hills series, still continues to fascinate us with her physique, hair colors and hair styles.

Below you can see her with caramel hair color in her photo 10 years ago. Audrina Patridge seems to be looking more attractive and beautiful as she gets older. I think the hair color he is currently using has a lot of influence on this.

Audrina Patridge Hair Color

She’s a tanned woman. That’s why she’s in a pretty warm color. However, she herself used caramel brown hair color as a very warm color before. In the photo below, her hair is caramel brown. This hair color is a very unsuccessful choice because it is not the right hair color. As you can see in the photo, it looks darker and darker. Like a woman dim to custom.

Audrina Patridge Blonde Hair

She now prefers ashy hair color. This hair color is more compatible with her skin color. Not completely blonde. There is a beautiful shine in her hair with the balayage technique.

Audrina patridge, who generally prefers long hair as her haircut, generally prefers bun and messy styles as her hair style.

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