Amazing Beautylte 17 Auburn Hair Color and Home Coloring Tips

Auburn hair color is one of the favorite hair colors of women in the world. We can consider auburn hair color as a general color category. In fact, more than 40 hair colors can be produced in the sub-color tones of this hair color.


And 40 different colors that are different in these color tones. Auburn is a really gorgeous hair color, especially if you have a white and cold skin tone.

How to Dye Auburn Hair Color at Home

It is a hair color that is easy to dye at home. Regardless of the previous color of your hair, you can easily switch to Auburn hair color at home. However, after the hair coloring process, the hair color in the box is related to your previous hair color.

To get the hair color in the box, you should apply hair bleach until your hair is platinum blonde. It may be orange in color. For this, you may need to use up to 9% oxidant in dark hair.

However, you can get red hair color in dark hair without opening your hair. Only your hair may be in darker (brown or ashy) color tones.

How is Hair Care?

It is easy to dye at home but it is difficult to return to different hair colors from this color. Red hues are the most difficult to remove from hair. However, hair dye is constantly flowing. After the first hair dye, every time you wash your hair, Auburn hair color takes on a lighter and dull color. For this reason, you need to paint once a month.

By using shampoos and conditioners specially designed for red hair, you can make this hair color look bright and vibrant on your slightly longer hair. However, at the end of 20 days, your hair will most likely lose its vitality and you will have to dye your hair again.


Auburn Hair Dye

Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful : 31 Dark Auburn / 42 Medium Auburn / 45 Bright Auburn / 49 Auburn Brown / 53 Light Auburn

Revlon Total Color Permanent : 6R Light Auburnbold, light red

Revlon Root Erase : 6R Light Auburnbold, light red / 5R Medium Auburn/ Reddish Brown

Revlon ColorSilk Moisture : 74 Bright Auburn

Revlon ColorSilk Buttercream : 42 R Medium Auburn /

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