How to Transform Auburn Hair Color to Caramel Hair Color?

I will explain in detail which hair dye numbers you should use to transform your auburn hair color into caramel hair color, the degree of oxidant (volume) and which hair dye brands I prefer for this application.

On Light Colored Hair Transform Auburn Hair Color to Caramel Hair Color

As it is known, caramel is a shade with glowing reflections in the hair color. It is easier to achieve this color on light hair. If your hair is light auburn (close to dark ashy blonde tones), dyeing your hair directly usually gives successful results.

Caramel Hair Color

On Dark Colored Hair Transform

Women with dark hair can also achieve this color by repeating the dyeing process.

If your hair is dyed

Depending on the length of your hair, you need to dye a box or 2 boxes of dye and 30% oxidant.

If your hair is not dyed

If your hair is natural and its own color without dyes, you can easily have this color.

If your auburn hair is in very dark tones;

Hair colors that are difficult to keep need to be opened. You can get support from the hairdresser for this, or if you have experience, you can open it yourself at home with orial and then dye it. Brown hair is also very suitable for using this tone.

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