Atlantic Blue Hair Color

Very bright – one of the neon blue hair colors of the Atlantic Directions hair dye brand, a luminous blue hair color. The most important feature of Directions hair dye is that the hair dye remains in the hair for 4-6 weeks and then it becomes dull and protects the beauty of its existing color. So even if the hair dye in the Directions hair dye fades over time, it doesn’t look bad.

Lighter than Denim Blue hair dye, Atlantic can be ideal for those who want a brighter and shiny blue hair color. May cause look pale in white-skinned women. For this reason, this hair color is more suitable for women with warm sub tone.

Since Atlantic Blue is a neon color, you can make applications where you can give some shine to your hair which is quite suitable with your black hair color. As an ombre or balayage color you can get a unique hair color.

Atlantic Blue Hair Dye

Directions Dye Price : £4.50

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