Ashy Blonde Hair Color: A Beautiful Shade

If you’re looking to add a beautiful ashy blonde hair color to your style repertoire, then you’ve come to the right place. Ashy blonde is a gorgeous color that can be flattering on many different skin tones. In this post, we’ll give you all the information you need to know about this trendy hue, including how to achieve it and what products to use. So read on for everything you need to know about ash blonde hair color!

This hair color should be one of the options that those considering coloring their hair for the winter or fall.

It’s not uncommon for people to be in a situation where they need to color their hair. In some situations, it’s due to the passage of time and a desire for a change of appearance; other times, it may be because you’re on vacation or have been at the beach too long. But what if your blonde hair becomes ash-colored? The solution is simple!

Ashy Blonde Hair Color

Ashy Blonde Hair Color Numbers

  • L’oreal Paris Excellence Creme Blond Ash Hair Color 7.1
  • Farmasi Farmacolor Hair Color 7.1 Ash Blonde
  • Wella Koleston Kit Hair Color 7/1 Ash Blonde
  • Marvel Colors Hair Color 8.1 Light Ash Blonde
  • Color Specialist Set Hair Color Ash Blonde 8-1
  • Sea Color Set Dye 7.1 Ash Blonde
  • Sea Color Hair Color 8.11 Intense Light Ash Blonde
  • Igora Hair Color 7-40 Auburn Beige Natural
  • Palette Deluxe 7-1 Ash Blonde
  • Colorx Hair Dye Light Ash Blonde

What Is Ashy Blonde Hair Color?

The ashy blonde hair color is a popular one, and it’s often used to achieve the look of a more natural or less processed version of platinum. This shade has subtle undertones that help soften the contrast between your natural brunette roots and new blonde hairs.

The ashy blonde hair color can be applied as either an all-over treatment, with highlights being applied throughout for extra dimension, or just on top for an easy touch-up before heading out on date night! 

If you want to go big without spending too much time in the salon – this is perfect for you! With only minimal effort required after application, there’s no need to worry about looking like a rock star when coming home from work at 8pm.

Who Should Use Ashy Blonde Hair Color?

Ash blonde hair color is best suited for people with cool skin tones and light eyes. If you have a warm skin tone or dark eyes, the color may not look as flattering on you. ash blonde hair color is also great for adding dimension to your hair and can be used to brighten up your complexion.

How Do We Get Ashy Blonde Hair Color at Home?

  • Wear some old clothes and comb your hair well first. This is important, as dye won’t work well on mixed hair.
  • Mix the dye in a bowl according to the box. Stir it well until it becomes creamy.
  • Starting from the ends of your hair, apply it to your hair with the help of a brush before it reaches the roots. We’ll take care of the bottoms last.
  • Wait for 20 minutes after applying all the hair and apply the remaining mixture to your scalp. We leave this stage for the last as the hair root will open quickly with the effect of heat. Wrap your hair with a stretch or foil.
  • Check your hair frequently, otherwise, your hair may get burnt and damaged.
  • When it comes to the ashy blonde hair color tone you choose (20-30 minutes for light hair / 30-35 minutes for dark hair), wash and remove the mixture from your hair thoroughly.

How to get ashy blonde hair color?

Ashy blonde color, unfortunately, cannot be achieved without using orial. It will be easier for the dye to hold if your hair is already light or you are blond-auburn.

If you apply ashy blonde hair color without bleaching your hair first, it will not give the desired result. Instead, it will give red-orange patches on your hair.

Dying Process of Ashy Blonde Hair Color:

  • Select the appropriate dye for the shade of ashy blonde you want (dark ashy blonde tones 6.1 and 7.1 / light ashy blonde tones 8.1 and 9.1), and prepare the dye according to the recipe on the box.
  • For those who want to use light brown hair, the green patches may remain in the first week and it will flow in the future, and we will eliminate these problems with the polish recipe I will give.
  • Apply the paint to the hair that you have washed and dried. Once you reach the desired tones and take into account the time on the box, keep it in your hair.
  • Then wash and dry. Your ashy auburn hair color is ready.

How Much Does It Cost to Dye Ashy Brown Hair Color at the Hairdresser’s?

This cost, which varies according to the tone and length of your hair, also varies according to the district and popularity of the hairdresser. As there are additional treatments and in some cases repeated dye pouring steps as a bleaching process in ashy blonde hair, the price increases.

The average cost of dyeing ashy blonde hair at the hairdresser is between $300-$1200.

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